Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Giveaway!

A fellow mommy blogger is having a fantastic giveaway going on, check it out and enter to win!!!

Raising a Green Bean in a Material World - Clicky here!!!!

I am always looking for blogs that review eco-friendly items. As someone who usually buys not very earth friendly products, I love reading about more friendly alternatives! We can all make a change! (especially with cleaning products!)

Not the mama!

I chose this title because I wanted other moms to know that they are "not the mama!" of my child!

Okay so maybe a little bit more information before I completely go off track. I am a constant fixture on the message board on and love to post photos of my little baby, attention whore myself and my fantastic post-baby bod, and reply to people's questions about their babies. We have fun, there is constant drama, but for the most part it is a nice community of ladies who are just trying to figure things out like me.

To go back a tad further, I decided to take out the Jumperoo and allow Kirsten to use it. I am an educated young woman and fully understand that toys such as these are not exactly meant for babies of 7 weeks, however, she has shown that she has some awesome head control, I inspected the toy beforehand and saw that the back was really high for her little head, and really, moms are always just looking for something new to stick their kid inside! Why else are there soooo many carriers and wraps for babies???

Anyway... I put it together and loved it from the moment I saw the finished product. This thing is huge but wow is it cute and fun!! I was beyond excited for Kirsten to wake up so I could put her inside and watch her little face light up (or at least I was hoping for this outcome). She eventually woke up, I fed her, and then it was show time! We placed her gently inside and she at first had no idea what to do with herself. I placed a pillow under her feet so she could bounce it on her own, and made sure she was fit snugly inside. All was clear!

I helped her bounce around and moved some of the toys. Her eyes darted from side to side and she took in her new space. This was an obvious success. After 5 minutes she was over the toy, as most children are, and I took her out.

I was so proud of my accomplishment and was pumped to show off my little girl to my favorite message board of mothers. I posted a photo and told them about how well she did, how supported she was, and that she enjoyed it for only a few minutes. Well, let the flaming begin! I really had no idea that people would get so angry about me putting my baby inside the Jumperoo!! Honestly, they were attacking me and making it out as though I placed her inside a 450 degree oven, hoping she would obtain the perfect beach tan! I was honestly shocked and surprised by the reaction I had received. Granted, a few mothers stood up for me, and I greatly appreciated it, but my feeling were already hurt and I felt like I had done something majorly wrong.

I suppose the point to me writing about this is that I was upset not because they flamed me for using a toy that is not exactly meant for a 7 week old baby, but in the way that they did it. Mothers tend to be extremely defensive about their parenting choices, and they want the world to know that THEY discovered the Holy Grail of parenting, and everything the rest of us does is just flat out wrong. I discovered this while pregnant, and how everyone had an opinion about my pregnancy, from what to eat to how much rest I should be getting or how I was carrying the baby meant it would be a certain gender.
We are constantly bombarded with images and information anymore about what is safe for a baby and certain styles of parenting. I think it has caused mothers to become these parenting Nazis. They think that going by the book is the only way, or following rules completely is the best way to go. Sure, it is for the most part the best way to go, but how on earth will a child ever have any fun if we just go through life following the rules?

This all reminded me of the time I was babysitting and took the little girl to the mall to play. The mall is such a hub for mothers it is amazing. We were all sitting along the edges of the play area watching the kids play when one mother's child came over and said she sneezed in her hands. The mother reached in her bag and got out a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Makes sense right? I was impressed that the girl didn't just wipe her hands on her pants! Well, another mother came dashing over and snatched the bottle out of her hand and screamed, "THAT HAS ALCOHOL IN IT! IT ISN'T MEANT FOR CHILDREN!" I nearly died! What in the would was this mother thinking making a scene like that? It made me so angry that she felt the need to make such a big show over something so small. The mother of the girl knew what she was doing. She wasn't allowing the girl to chug the entire bottle, she simply wanted her to have clean hands!

My point is, like in my previous post, trust your instincts. If you think your baby will be okay inside a Jumperoo for 5 minutes, go for it! Only you know what is best for your baby, not even another mother can tell you what to do.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sleeping though the night?????

My kid is sleeping through the night??? Get outta town!

So from the start I read so many books and websites on how to get your kid to sleep through the night. I heard so many things and tried them all. I was determined to have "that kid." The one that all mommies hate because THEIR kid is waking up every 2 hours screaming. I was on a mission.

The first few weeks that you bring home baby are called "survival mode," and boy is that true. You just do what you have to do to get through the day/night. You are so sleep deprived that you have no idea what day or time it is, ever. You just keep going like a robot. Making bottles, rocking baby, changing diapers, obsessing over every sound, staring blankly at the tv and repeat 500 times. But once you hit about week three a pattern begins to develop. Baby starts to show signs of developing a schedule and you begin to follow their lead. Sleep during the night starts out with them waking every 2 hours. Then there is a fluke night where baby sleeps for 3 hours straight! You wake up startled and wonder if the baby is dead (OMG SIDS!) and see a peaceful little babe sleeping happily in their crib. There is hope!!!!

Okay so one of the ways that they say to get a baby to sleep through the night is to swaddle. I have to say "to heck with you" to swaddling. We did it for the first two weeks and I personally found it really obnoxious and annoying to do. Plus, how the heck could people see her cute outfits when she is wrapped up in a blanket? Swaddling was not for me, and I decided it was not for Kirsten either. She did show signs of disliking it anyway. She constantly found her way out of my tight swaddle, and wanted her little hands up by her face when she slept. So I gave in, very easily. Swaddling was done.

Around 4 weeks Kirsten started to only wake 1 or 2 times in the middle of the night. Usually around 2am and 4am. She would go to sleep around 10pm, wake two times, then be awake for the day around 7am. This was a great pattern and I got used to it. Also around this time she would stop needing the 2am feeding and went straight to 4am. There was hope! I see that light at the end of the tunnel! By the end of week 5 she was only waking at 4am, and again I fell into the pattern that she established.

But then came the day... the best day of my life. The day that Kirsten slept through the night! It happened during week 6 and she went from 11pm - 5am! I was so excited! I figured it a was a fluke and waited anxiously for the next evening. She went back to her old pattern of waking one time, but the third night she slept through the night again!

We are currently on week 7 and she is consistently sleeping from at least 11pm to 6am! Success!

I've had people ask how we did this, and I just keep saying "follow the baby's lead." It is so funny to say, but it is so true. A baby will naturally fall into a pattern, and as the parent it is our duty to simply follow the schedule they are working on establishing. I read on so many message boards about sleep training, and I think it is all a load of crap. I find it cruel to force a schedule upon a child who really doesn't know any better. They want to do what they want to do. Eat when they want, sleep when they want, poop when they want (and where they want). It is our job to simply read their signals and go with the flow. I think parents just get to anxious and worked up about doing the "right thing" that they forget that the baby is THEIRS! No one will know your baby quite as well as you do. It's called an instinct for a reason!

So now I have a happy baby who sleeps through the night... by week 7. I will now go drink a cup of coffee (only a cup, now that I am rested I can cut down from 5 cups to one) and pat myself on the back.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay so who doesn't love FREE stuff????

Brainy Baby dvds

I was told about these dvds and decided to check out their website. Well it turns out they run a promo where you can order a FREE dvd of your choice! They have 4 selections of varying age levels.

I ordered Kirsten a dvd and cannot wait to check them out!

Free Brainy Baby dvd

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soothing Sounds Giraffe

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I ordered a Soothing Sounds Giraffe last week from because I had heard great things about the Sleep Sheep (same concept, different animal). I am obviously a sucker for anything giraffe because Kirsten's room has a giraffe theme. So I saw this soft little guy on their site and went ahead and ordered it.

It is so darn cute! And a lot bigger than I had expected. I thought it would be much smaller but was VERY pleased to see that it is big and floppy and soft!

I turned it on and tested out the different sounds. I doubt I will use the "heart beat" feature but if is an interesting idea. I heard that babies like the sound of the heart beat because it reminds them of the womb. Kirsten doesn't have trouble sleeping, and is really only fussy at night, so I didn't think something like this would really get used.

She immediately smiled at the giraffe and made sounds at it. I placed it in front of her as she sat in her chair, and she began reaching out and touching its nose! I was delighted that she found some joy in the toy, because I was worried it was yet another one of my "I'm the parent and think this is cute and my baby will love it" purchases. As a parent, we tend to have many of these. Its like the old joke... give a baby a huge present, and she'll play with the cardboard box!

Product link:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Einstein dvds

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This is my baby laying on the floor watching a Baby Einstein dvd. I kid you not, this is her enjoying a movie all by herself!

The movie is making sounds and she makes sounds right back to it. Her little arms and legs have not stopped moving, and she has yet to stop staring at the tv.

Did I start a bad habit??

I know tons of moms are against tv before the age of two. But personally I do not see the harm in it. She is reacting to the animals and sounds and seems to really be having a good time. I will not plop her infront of the tv every time I need a moment, but I do like the fact that she can be entertained by something. Something other than me bouncing her around or making silly faces! Mama needs a break sometimes!

These dvds basically rock. I love how they are set up and keep saying the names of things, and review what they just showed. The music is cute and the puppets are pretty funny. I can see them getting old very quickly... but for now they are pretty awesome!

I would love more suggestions for good videos!!!!

Product link:
Baby Einstein
dvds can be found anywhere that most dvds are sold

Picky Sticky & Baby Legs

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I discovered picky sticky while cruising around my favorite message board, the bump. All of the ladies rave about them, and I saw so many cute pictures of babies with these stickers on their onesies. I knew immediately, like most products, that I needed it RIGHT NOW!

I ordered them through and it was a simple process. They had various stickers, for boys or girls or neutral. I ordered the girlie ones, and waited anxiously for them to come.

They came within a week and I could not wait to use them. I had also bought Baby Legs at Target, and wanted to put the whole outfit together. These leg warmers are amazing. They are soft, wash well, and Kirsten is always comfortable in them. They fit her fine now, but I also like that they have room to grow. One size fits all, and for my kid I think she will use them for a while!

Kirsten is obviously over a month old, nearly 7 weeks to be exact, but I really wanted to get a "1 month" photo. I figured, whatever we won't know the difference anyway. So I put the sticker on her shirt, put on the leg warmers, picked out a cute head band, and sat her up in her Summer Infant seat!

The photos are beyond cute and I love that she cooperated! She giggled and smiled and allowed me to take about 25 pictures! I have such a good baby!

Links to products:
Picky Sticky

Baby Legs

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to Work

Well it was bound to happen at some point, I am officially back to work. Every mom dreads this part of parenting, the part where you have to let go of your little one and go back to the real world. The time before this was all puppies and rainbows, well for the most part, and my world consisted of baby and her needs. Now, I have work to think about, and dealing with passing her off each morning.

I believe I handled it perfectly fine. I got up at 6am and didn't bother to shower just in case it made me late. I got Kirsten all ready to go, bag packed, and nestled her into her car seat. She cooed and smiled at me as I buckled her in, and I felt a small bit of pain in my chest. Oh man... this will be so hard!

I took her to the sitter and explained all of her needs. How to feed her, that we are starting a new formula, how to change her, what she likes, how she likes to be bounced and played with... as if she has never taken care of a baby before!

She very happily accepted Kirsten into her arms and the other child at her daycare screamed in glee as she saw the tiny baby. I knew deep down that she would have a good time, and be in good hands, but that didn't help my anxiety.

What if she doesn't know how to settle her the way she likes it? What if the kid hits her? What if she falls off of something? What if What if What if!!!!!!!!

I had to tell myself to calm down. Kirsten was growing up and I needed to let go. I always said this would be easier if she was older, because I would see her run off to play and be so happy with the other kids. But as a baby, she has so many needs and I am still figuring them out. So it made it so much more difficult.

But I welcome the routine... maybe it is what we need in our lives. No more days of napping when she does, watching morning talk shows, and staying in sweatpants until noon. sigh....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Toys!

We are on a toy kick...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Summer Infant Super Seat

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I just wanted to rave for a minute about the Summer Infant Super Seat! We bought this for Kirsten for Valentine's Day and tried it out last night and she really enjoys it. She doesn't fully understand it yet, but she will sit in it, look around, watch the tv, and sits up VERY well on her own (as seen in the photo).
This product is awesome and really great to use before the exersaucer. She can't hold herself up well enough yet in the exersaucer, so I wanted something that would act as in "in-between" toy.
I can't wait for her to fully use the chair, and its toys. I hope she enjoys it and wants to eat snacks and watch morning cartoons while sitting in the chair.
I would say this is far better than the Bumbo!
The back is high and she doesn't flop back, and I don't worry about her tipping over or falling out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I thought babies liked toys?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I really never thought I would see the day where I wanted so badly to be able to just leave the house, and find myself so bored with watching tv and lounging in pjs all day!

We are still under lots of snow, and schools have been closed all week. Todd hasn't gone in since last Friday. It is basically a winter wonderland out there, and even though it is so pretty, I am dying for a McDonald's frappe!!!!! (do they deliver?)

On another note, I have discovered this weird phase that babies go through that parents rarely think about... the first 3 months. I spend so much time researching toys and entertainers for Kirsten, and received so many great gifts, and while pregnant I could not wait to put them together and have her use them. We have a bouncer, swing, jumperoo, play table... the list goes on and on. Even something as simple as a teddy bear! Well, the first three months are filled with baby really caring less about any of this stuff. She is far more entertained by the large black and white picture we have hanging behind the couch. I try to put her in her swing when she is awake and am met by screams. The bouncer, same thing. Play mat, do dice. UGH!

I am one who enjoys the toys far more than the children. I love seeing them play and get a thrill out of something I took so much time and effort into researching and finding THE BEST version of, and it really bums me out that I have to wait 2 more months until she really will be entertained by any of these things.

Granted... she may enjoy them sooner. And maybe she will glance at the tv when I put the Baby Einstein dvds on, but for now she is really just into eating a pooping.

Sigh.... so to any potential parents. Don't get excited over the toys just yet. Tuck them away and wait until baby is past this phase. Or else you will be met with major disappointment!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lots of little things

Seriously, am I still bleeding after giving birth? One month later???? This is every girls worst nightmare! And to think, Aunt FLO hasn't even arrived yet! Oh the horror!!!!!

It was Kirsten's one month birthday on Monday! My little girl is getting so big. She is very much more wide eyed, babbles more, and looks as though she can focus more on objects. And she is still rolling over!

To celebrate being one month she has gotten a cold. Her little nose is completely clogged and she sounds awful! I try the nose sucker, and it seems to not really work. I have resorted to shoving baby q-tips up her nose and yanking out giant boogers. She of course screams, but I can't take hearing her struggle to breath all day!

We were supposed to go for one month photos but due to the weather and her cold, we decided against it.

Which remind me...... holy snow Batman! We got about 20 inches of snow here. Thankfully Todd shoveled us out, so we aren't completely snowed in, but it is still very crazy. We took Pete to Petco for a groom yesterday and struggled on the roads. Main roads are barely touched, and cars were sliding everywhere! Schools are closed and Pittsburgh seems to not really know what to do with itself.

I hope to get Kirsten outside for a photo or two with the snow in the background. I can't wait to tell her about this ten years from now! I only wish she was a little older so we could go sled riding!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow, it's no longer just "me"

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I'll go ahead and admit it, before having a baby I was a pretty selfish person. I have a good heart and will do anything for anyone, but when it comes to "my" time I am very selfish. I love having a few hours a day to cruise the internet, I like to walk around the mall by myself, I enjoy eating out on my own, or even going to see a movie alone. Call me crazy, but it is relaxing and sometimes I just don't want to hear other people's opinions.

Well now I have a baby who is attached to my hip nearly 24/7. And all of that selfishness has gone out the window. I find myself getting a bit resentful at times. Todd can come home and take a 20 minute shower, play his guitar, play some Playstation, and I have to continue on with what I was doing all day, watch the baby. I certainly don't mind, he goes to work all day 5 days a week and I get to stay at home, but I do long for those days of just leaving and driving to the mall to walk around and eat at the food court. I would love to shower without pulling the curtain aside every minute to check on her. I'd love to not walk around with a towel over my head because I don't have time to dry my hair right away. I'd also love to have time to pick out a nice outfit to wear for the day.... and also have a reason to wear it.

All of these things you give up when you become a mother. Days of eyeliner, curled hair, and fresh smelling clothes are gone. I traded it in for a burp cloth attached to my shoulder, crusty hair from spit up, and rings under my eyes. But after all of this complaining... I still wouldn't trade it for anything.

I never understood this until I became a mother. I would always see other mothers and wonder either, "how do they do it?" or "why can't they wash their hair today?" I was blind to the power of the infant. For years I watched my own mother juggle the schedules of my brother and I, as well as all of her household duties. She did EVERYTHING for us, and we seldom thanked her for it. I would leave clothes on the floor, empty pop can next to my bed, my bed not made.... and somehow it all got done. That's because she did it. She somehow found time between work, cooking dinner, and running errands to pick up after her lazy daughter.

Now that I am a mother I am starting to see these things for myself. Todd isn't the best about getting to things right away. And he also manages to get more salt on the counters than on his food... so my day usually consists of cleaning up after Kirsten, taking care of all of her needs, then cleaning up after Todd. I come last. Yesterday was the first time I showered since Sunday. Why? Because I was busy doing things for other people, there was no time to wash and blow out my hair. And that's okay... I still went about my day and even went out in public.

I used to look at people who wore sweatpants out in public as lazy... now I understand that they are just married and have children.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I try not to be "that" girl

I have been reading message boards and blogs constantly since becoming pregnant, and there is one constant, something that will never change... women complaining about the in-laws or their husbands. I would read the rants, and think to myself, "wow I am sooooo lucky to have wonderful in-laws and a terrific husband!"

Well... since having the baby I have honestly become that girl. The one that gets bitter about the dumbest things, or freaks out over the smallest mistake. I make plenty of mistakes, but for some reason when it comes to someone else handling my child, I turn into psycho mom!

I think I am rather relaxed when it comes to Kirsten. I don't mind people holding her, or feeding her, or changing her diaper. I welcome the break from those activities. I even allowed my own mother to take her for the night (while I was home) so I could get a full night's sleep. But for some reason, it being my own mother, made me more relaxed. However, when it is Todd or my in-laws, I freak out about every little thing!

For example, I give Todd the death stare when he is feeding Kirsten. I worry about him not holding her up right, or his technique is off. Or she will not be able to get right back to sleep when he is finished feeding her. I know the tricks, her little quirks, because I am home with her all day, and I take over the night feedings 5 days a week. So I know her little cues. I worry that he doesn't know them, and it will somehow throw her off whatever little schedule she has right now.

When it comes to the in-laws I am even worse. Last week while attending our baptism class I allowed them to watch her. It was only for about 2 hours, but I still worried the entire time. Were they feeding her? Were they doing it right? Did they attempt to change her? Would they know how to put the diaper on correctly? I only worry because I see how they are when I am around them, watching them with her. It is so hard to explain but the way they do things is so opposite of how I would do things, and really, they aren't even doing anything bad. I just worry, because I am that mom, the one that thinks that my way is the only way, and no one else can take care of my baby the way that I can.

Does this ever go away? Will I learn to relax or become more bitter as she gets older and can actually be influenced by others?

Kirsten rolls over!

Last night during tummy time I was showing Kirsten how to roll over. We usually do it in stages... belly, side, back. and then the reverse.
Well last night while laying on her belly with her arms tucked under, she rolled over!!!!! I was so excited and happy that I caught it on video!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kirsten's first baby shower

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Yesterday Kirsten and I were invited to my friend Kaitlyn's baby shower. I was excited for over a month, when I received the invite, to go to this shower! I would have a chance to show off my baby, and join in the excitement for Kait.

The previous evening we had friends over for a small party. We began a "tasting club" which involves someone hosting and choosing a beverage to "taste." We decided to host this month, and the beverage was infused vodka. We invited about 12 friends, and all came and had a great time. Kirsten was present, and was great for the first few hours. But then the party ran into her bed time routine, and she got fussy. I sat upstairs with her for a while, and then Todd sat with her a bit too. I think she was just overly tired and could not settle herself with all of the excitement going on in the house. She finally went to sleep at midnight, and did not wake up until 6am!

However, the morning was hard for her. After sleeping for such a long time, her schedule was officially off. She cried all morning and cluster fed for a few hours. She was not interested in falling back asleep or calming down any time soon. Todd took her for the morning while I got myself ready for the shower, and then bathed her and got her dressed up in a wonderful polka dot dress.

While in the car she was fine, she normally is in the car. Once we arrived I saw that she was wide awake and thought for a moment that we would not last long at the shower. I got her inside and immediately people flocked to her and talked about how cute she was. The trip was worth it just for that! I love showing off my baby!

I made my way to a seat, and sat with friends who I have not seen or spoken to in a long time. Its funny because while pregnant I was a little bitter about losing some friends. But not that I have Kirsten, I am much more forgiving and able to see past those petty things. I had some friends not show up to my shower, and it really broke my heart. But the day ended up amazing and fun, so in the end, I got everything I wanted. Wonderful gifts and I was surrounded by lots of great people. It is just funny to see how friendships change when your own life changes. I got married and had a baby within a few months, so it is understandable that it is a lot for some people to handle, especially if their lives aren't going as well.

Anyway... Kirsten was amazing at the shower. We ended up staying until 4pm. She would sleep, take her paci, drank a bottle, and was just pleasant the whole day. I was shocked and delighted. It gave me hope that she would be a good baby for more outings in the future.

We have another shower next Sunday, and I am crossing my fingers that it goes this well again!