Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hello followers, fans, and anyone else who has stumbled upon this blog....


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It doesn't look pretty yet, but I am working on it. I will be posting over there from now on, and getting things up and running soon. I have added new posts but please be patient while I switch everything over and get a new blog button!

Thanks again!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Recent Mobile Photos

I really need to start carrying my camera around, because mobile photos just aren't as cute. But I want to remember these, because they tend to be the most spontaneous!

helping daddy cook dinner

new slippers!

picking up her toys with her feet

*Thanks to Handmade Baby Love for the slippers!*

Moms and Dads and that Great Divide

I wasn't born yesterday, I completely understand that men and women are very different in many different ways. We don't think alike, our emotions couldn't be further apart, and we go about tasks very differently.

When it comes to parenting I understand that we both have different styles. I prefer to run to Kirsten's side the moment she is crying, not take the time to pee and lazily walk down the hallway before attending to her. I hold off on all pee breaks if she needs me. My bladder is now programmed to not work unless the baby is asleep.

Something that seems to always bother me is mostly how we just interact with the baby. Maybe bother is the wrong word.... irritate?

When Kirsten wakes up in the middle of the night and it is my turn to tend to her, I rush out of our bedroom door as though the house is on fire. I make a bottle with such speed that I even surprise myself, since it is usually some random hour like 2am. I hurry into her room, pick her up, and rock her. My theory is, if I can get to her before she REALLY wakes herself up, then it will be easily to get her back to sleep. Usually this works out well.

My husband, however, prefers to take his time when it comes to dealing with the baby. She wakes up in the middle of the night and it feels like 30 minutes goes by before he actually makes it to her room to feed her. He goes in the bathroom, takes his time making a bottle all while Kirsten is screaming from her room. I lay in bed grinding my teeth thinking, "She is going to wake up and you are going to have a heck of a time getting her back down. And then who will have to get up and finish putting her to bed?????" ::grind grind grind::

Another thing he does that always gets under my skin is his need to put her in or on things... like a bouncer or play mat. He holds her for about 5 minutes and then says, "Oh you want to go in your bouncer?" and straps her on in. He then immediately leaves the room, leaving me with the baby who HATES her bouncer!

Why do men do this? I break my back carrying her around with me, doing everything with one hand, and holding off on all projects until she is happy playing or asleep. My husband though would rather put her down and let her scream until it gets to that "oh my god I am about to die" scream.

Why are we programmed so differently? Why do we as motehrs feel this need to be attached, literally, to our babies whereas our husbands see nothing wrong with just placing the baby down and going down in the basement for 30 minutes doing who knows what (probably hiding so that I have to get the baby).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Announcements

I have officially bought www.mommyburgh.com and will be moving my blog there within the next few weeks. I am also working on a new design! Stay tuned for BIG surprises and a new look!

I finally got a ticket for Blogher 2010 in NYC AUG 6th and 7th! I am beyond excited to meet all of my fellow bloggers, and a few of the people I have major blog crushes on! I can't wait to learn more about blogging and making my site a lot better.

Thanks to all of my readers for making this possible. I am still such a small part of the blogging world but can't wait to make these improvements and get more exciting things in motion for MommyBurgh

Welcome to Parenthood?

Maybe there is some sort of "right of passage" that I had yet to pass through until last night. This special moment between baby and parent. A very special bonding moment that will forever change the way you look at going out for dinner.

Gone are the days of taking my time to get ready when we go out for dinner. I am sure my hair will develop a permanent kink in it from all the pony tails I wear. I wear makeup sometimes for two days, just adding more to my face to get rid of the bags under my eyes. I don't curl my hair anymore; I don't wear eye shadow, and forget about lipstick!

Gone too are the days of going to restaurants that require too long of a wait, seats that make it too difficult to balance a baby on one knee, or simply sitting at the bar for faster service.

We now live in the land of high chairs, eating with one hand (which I have mastered) and only going to places that have the changing table in the bathroom (I am surprised by the places that DON'T have this feature!).

I was aware of all of this. I knew that we now entered a whole new world and I was embracing it. I enjoyed showing my baby off at restaurants and was even proud of my baby for tackling a few places that I once figured would not be baby friendly!

But this whole new life smacked me right in the forehead last night when Kirsten peed all over me in PF Changs.

My mother-in-law was holding her throughout most of dinner which meant that she barely ate. So after finishing my meal I took Kirsten so she could eat. She was acting especially squirmy but I figured it was due to us sitting at the most uncomfortable booth ever (when holding a child). I tried to entertain her but she refused to sit or stop moving.

That is when I felt it, gushes of liquid going down my leg. I reached down and felt my dress... yep... soaked. I held her up and saw that her entire lower half was literally dripping in pee.


I grabbed the diaper bag and held her away from my body as we made our way through the restaurant to the bathroom. The whole time I prayed to every God possible that 1. there was a changing area and 2. I had the sense to bring a spare outfit. Thankfully both were true.

I cleaned her up and she giggled and smiled at me, knowing full well what she had just done. I couldn't help laugh. Of course I would get peed on the day that I actually put on nice clothes for a dinner out. I usually wear my "mommy clothes." You know what I mean, the clothes that are somehow stain proof or at least already have so many stains and marks on them that any new ones would go unnoticed.

This experience certainly will not keep me from taking her out. And hopefully it won't keep me from wanting to dress up every so often. But I feel like now we have been ushered into parenthood with a proper initiation.

Thank-you Kirsten. I look forward to you pooping on me the first time I wear white pants out on one of our dinner dates!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I ask you... Why?

No seriously, WHY?

Why is it that that motherhood causes us to become absolutely batty about things "possibly" happening? Let me be more specific... while pregnant, from about 37 weeks on, I felt like every little twitch, gurgle, or pain was me going into labor. Baby kicked... OH MY GOD ITS TIME! Of course it wasn't time. I would know when it was time. But as someone who NEVER experienced labor before, I took every little minor thing as a sign that the baby was about to come flying out of my body and someone needed to be there to catch it.

Well now that the baby is out, and someone successfully caught her, I have new "OH MY GOD THIS IS IT" moments. These are now called I MUST BE PREGNANT AGAIN moments. I am in constant fear of getting pregnant again. Not that I wouldn't welcome another baby and be extremely happy about it, but honestly, not now, please! We are good with one, and will discuss another at a later day (if ever).

Here I am, nearly 5 month post giving birth, and I live in constant fear of being knocked up. And every little thing that happens to me I see as a sign. Perhaps it is because with Kirsten we had no idea I was pregnant until about 11 weeks along. I went through those first weeks thinking I had the flu, the heat was just getting to me, or my hormones were out of control. Turns out, I was pregnant.

So now everything is a sign pointing directly towards being pregnant. I get a stomach ache, must be pregnant. I feel a little dizzy, must be pregnant. I snap at my husband, MUST BE PREGNANT!

I cannot tell you how many times I have thought of running to the store to get the 50 pack of pregnancy tests, just so I have them handy for all of these moments. Chances are I would go through it in a week. I did pee on the ol' stick once since having Kirsten, and of course it was negative. But I had myself convinced I had a bun in the oven due to feeling car sick earlier that day.

So why is it that we do this to ourselves? Is it just me? Or are we doomed to now read into everything? I spent an entire pregnancy thinking something was wrong. Every little feeling just had to mean something. I could not just let it go or calm down and trust myself.

Why people? Why must we be doomed to a lifetime of over analyzing and keeping the pregnancy stick business booming???

Wordless Wednesday

Summer is....

a great city with fabulous friends

days so hot that your hair curls

safari gear

the beginnings of a garden

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Summer Pledge

This summer I pledge to.......

* learn patience with my daughter. I promise to not gritting my teeth, which causes huge headaches, thus me losing my cool way too often with people, especially her.

* go on more walks. Baby, you WILL learn to love your stroller!

* put on a bathing suit at least twice a week

* visit more farmer's markets and cook with more fresh ingredients!

* turn my green house into an actual green house, where real flowers and plants live. Not the weeds who currently reside inside.

* paint my kitchen, master bedroom, and hallway

* drink less coffee, and more smoothies

* eat outside at restaurants

* take in every moment, savor every second, and create the best memories for Kirsten. Even though she won't remember this summer, I want it to be one of her BEST